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NANTONG BRAUN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing High-Quality textile parts.

Our main textile parts are:
Vario Bars, Feed Comb, Top Comb, Comber Parts;
Faller Bars, Inserts, Chains , Gill Head Parts;
Rubbing Frames Parts;
Twin Disc, Rotor Completes, Opening Roller, Navel, etc
Texparts Top Rollers, Fluted Bottom Cylinders, Spindles, etc;
Perforating Machinery, Pinned Rollers;
Braiding Spindles, Bobbins

Our textile parts are mainly for the following machine models:
NSC Schlumberger gill box GN4,GN5/6, GC12-GC15, GC30; combing machines PB26-PB29, PB30-PB33, ERA; and rubbing frames FM7N, FM8N;
Sant' Andrea gill box VSN, Novara SN10, ST21; and combing machine P90, P100;
Cognetex gill box SC400, SC600;
OKK gill box BCG-HG-HF-HL-HR-HM;
Schlafhorst Autocoro SE7~SE12; Saurer BD D30, 320, 330, 380,416;
Rieter RU11/14, R1/R20, R40,R60; BT923; BT902/903/905, M1/1&M2/1.
Elitex BD200&BDA10/20,
Schlafhorst Autoconer 238 ,338 & X5; Savio, Murata Autoconers
Mackie Carding Machines
Ring spinning machines,
Roving frames;

Meanwhile, our dedicated and experienced team can help you to research and develop other textile parts & machinery.

Our company is equipped with complete facilities, including the state-of-the-art CNC machines and inspection equipments, advanced technology and professionals on the research, manufacturing and inspection. Moreover, our company runs strictly according ISO9001 quality control system to ensure the development, production, sales and after-sales service.

With the philosophy of 'A Passion for Excellence', we insist on innovation, superior service and continuously improving our textile parts to meet customers' requirements. Our textile parts are sold to Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, India, etc and get good reputation.

We warmly welcome you to visit Nantong Braun for business discussion or cooperation.

Our Philosophy:
A Passion for Excellence.

Our Technical Support:
When you need more technical information, you can rely on the expertise of our technical support specialists. They would be happy to give you information on:
* textile part specifications
* textile part performance

Our Customer Service:
We have a first-rate customer service department trained to provide you with accurate answers to all your part questions.

Call us (Mbl: 0086-18015228175) or write to us for:
* Accurate pricing and availability
* Shipping status
* After-sales service