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Vario Bars, Feed Comb, Top Comb, Comber Parts


Faller Bars, Inserts, Chains , Gill Head Parts


Rubbing Frames Parts


Twin Disc, Rotor Completes, Opening Roller, Navel, etc


Texparts Top Rollers, Fluted Bottom Cylinders, Spindles, etc


Perforating Machinery, Pinned Rollers


Braiding Spindles, Bobbins

Schlafhorst Autoconer 238 ,338 & X5; Savio, Murata Autoconers

Machine model details:

NSC Schlumberger gill box GN4,GN5/6, GC12-GC15, GC30; combing machines PB26-PB29, PB30-PB33, ERA; and rubbing frames FM7N, FM8N;
Sant' Andrea gill box VSN, Novara SN10, ST21; and combing machine P90, P100;
Cognetex gill box SC400, SC600;
OKK gill box BCG-HG-HF-HL-HR-HM;
Schlafhorst Autocoro SE7~SE12; Saurer BD D30, 320, 330, 380,416;
Rieter RU11/14, R1/R20, R40,R60; BT923; BT902/903/905, M1/1&M2/1.
Elitex BD200&BDA10/20,
Schlafhorst Autoconer 238 ,338 & X5; Savio, Murata Autoconers
Mackie Carding Machines
Ring spinning machines,
Roving frames;