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Hot/cold Perforating Machinery, Pinned rollers


Pinned Rollers/Lags

1, Trutzschler:
  9.803.22.200.098, 9.803.22.202.031, 0.371.81.887.060, 0.371.81.887.063, etc
2, Rieter
  0159-2350, 0154-3512, 0010-2940, 10152569, etc
3, Crosrol
  QF930Q/1A, BF67520/1, SS6305, etc
4, Marzoli
  53710651710, 53710651713, 53710650109, 53710651548, 53710692462, etc

Manufactured according samples or drawings.


Nano / Micro Perforating solution -Original Design Manufacturer

1, Specifications:
Needle diameter: according to customers’requirements, the minimum diameter is 0.25mm;
Angle of inclination: 90°, 85°, 80°, 75°, 70°;
Needle density: up to 100 needles/cm2;
Drill depth: max 8 mm;
hole pattern: Almost any pattern is possible, linear, spiral - patterns according the demand;
Diameter of roller: 10~350 mm;
Height of roller: max 300 mm;
roller material: bronze, brass, aluminium;
Concentricity: High concentricity (0.07mm);

2, Application:
plastic films, aluminium foils, leathers, artificial leathers, textiles, non-wovens, papers, etc.

Cold Perforation Unit
The cold perforation unit is particularly suitable for thermoshrinking films, low density polyethylene and plastic films and paper in general.

Hot Perforation Unit
The hot perforation unit is particularly suitable for polypropylene, PVC or thermoplastic materials.

3, Pinned products
Perforating rollers for plastic films;
Perforating rollers for flower, fruit packing papers;
Perforating rollers for aluminium foils;
Perforating rollers for leather;
Perforating rollers for artificial leather;
Perforating rollers for desiccants and deoxidizers;
Perforating rollers for medical and food industries;
Perforating rollers for woven bags;
Perforating rollers for papers;
Perforating rollers for embossing;
Pinned rings
Pin plates
Hole rollers
Hole plates


The machine is equip-ed with tension control unwinding device, oil heating device, output device, correction automatic winding, etc.